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To Hot Desk or not to hot desk?

Written on 11/13/2017
Darren Cox

Establishing a new business in Dublin seems incredibly rewarding, but it does come with a significant set of challenges too. For example, you will have to find an office space, and purchasing or renting that can be extremely expensive. That’s why more companies are jumping on the hotdesk train. But what is hot desking and can it be a good move for small businesses?

What is the hot desk trend?

The idea here is simple, investors create an office building, and companies share the office space for an agreed time. Multiple workers and businesses are using a single location and workstation during a different set of time periods. Not all small businesses or entrepreneurs have the money to invest in their office space. So, they hot-desk, which is a more cost-effective than financing dedicated premises.

This trend is particularly notable in regions where the overall real estate prices are incredibly high. New York, Dublin, London, and Paris are some great hot desk locations, mainly because you get to have a business presence without resorting to very high expensive. So, the employee comes to the office, puts whatever he needs on the desk and works there, then he removes all the items and comes back the next day. The hot desk experience requires you to sign a contract with the office space owner, and in that, you select the time of day you want to use the desk. The idea here is that you just have to choose the time periods you want to hot-desk. You can work there on a daily basis for a few hours, or you can just rent that space once or twice each week for a few hours. The benefit is that you are always in control and you are free to choose when you want to work in such a space.

Benefits/Cons of hot-desking

The hot desk trend is so prevalent because it works great within this economy. Not all companies and entrepreneurs have the money to invest in their office space, and many businesses have to downgrade their office spaces due to the lack of funds nowadays. So, with the help of the hot desk option, employees get to make a more efficient use of the company funds and resources. Employees have all the space they need and a pivotal location in the city, all while not having to worry about a large outgoing for the company.

Another benefit is that hot desking is exciting. Your employees get to interact with other people from other industries. This means creating new connections, establishing a stellar networking experience and so on. All of these factors are great for a growing business.

You can also use the hot desk approach as a way to have a mobile office. You can quickly shift your offices to a new location if needed, to serve your audience. The overall results can be very good for small companies that just want to have a presence in a specific area. And yes, this service works great even for the larger companies that want to shift to a new location and need a place to work at until the transition process is complete. However, hot desking isn’t perfect. Like most things, it can have its downsides, such as the fact that you don’t have a permanent workspace. The upside to this as you can imagine is its perfect for individual or companies starting out.

The work hierarchy is a lot harder to establish with hot desking, not to mention that the communication process tends to be affected a bit as well. But the eventual downsides don’t matter that much because hot desking can be very helpful for any newcomer to the business world. Having your business presence in the city can do wonders, especially in a city like Dublin. So yes, you should consider giving hot-desking a shot. From recent conversations with individuals taking the plunge, it's working for them.

Where can you hot desk in Dublin?

Dublin has a great hot desk market, with lots of office locations where you can access creative workspaces. With that in mind, some spots do stand out:

BlockT offers communal workspaces for people that work on a laptop and who want to interact with others, network and establish new business opportunities. The best thing about BlockT is that it has a great location and the prices are very competitive. is a cosy space, not a corporate one. You have great internet, a kitchen and so on. It’s a distinct and powerful location, one that offers some great and new features to the table. If you have just established a new business or you want a business presence for your side hustle, this is the best place for you! located on the Harcourt Street. The memberships are inexpensive. They offer privacy booths, and there’s even an outdoor terrace, internet, and coffee. Overall, it’s a great hot desk space in Dublin and one that’s well worth a look.

If having your business located in Dublin is essential to you, you should consider checking out the options listed above. And yes, hot desking does bring some great opportunities and benefits, plus it’s an excellent experience working in these environments. Meeting new people and sharing experiences and skills. You should give this a try, as it’s a whole new way of working!