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AXA Ireland Interior Graphics

Written on 11/03/2017
Darren Cox

Interior Graphics at AXA Ireland

Our primary goal when deciding upon a new theme for the AXA Ireland Dublin office was to project vibrancy and confidence. Our target was to create a workspace where employees and customers alike would feel both enthused and at ease.

This outcome was achieved by our design team through initial consultation and collaboration with AXA. We could then implement our client’s specified workplace requirements utilising the full range of our environmental design expertise.

The rejuvenation of the office space was achieved by merging exciting window graphics, informative and colourful wall decals and lively translucent wall vinyl.

The final result is a fresh and confident office where light, colour and space itself are highlighted through our carefully selected combination of graphics and prints.

Window Graphics

In this instance, we were conscious of the requirement to complement the existing space without being visually overwhelming. Our team recognises that every workplace is unique. An awareness of how visual overload can impact the office environment is always an important consideration for every rebranding project.

A sense of enthusiasm and energy can become cluttered if a graphical redesign is implemented incorrectly or without considering available light and spatial dimensions.

An example of getting this right is how our design team chose the medium of a translucent window vinyl upon glass partitions for the canteen area. This helped to diversify the workspace without losing a sense of overall unification. This colourful medium also has the added bonus of keeping to both the atmosphere of informality as well as highlighting the function of a designated area.

Another selection was a prominent world map graphic which speaks to the global diversity of AXA Ireland. The surrounding plotted frost background was utilised to create a subtle sense of privacy without closing off space.

Interior Graphics

The scope for interior wall graphics is unlimited and our design team can cater for the most imaginative of requests. In our AXA Ireland refurbishment, we decided upon large-scale plotted decals in order to give each floor its own unique identity. We printed inspirational words throughout the rebranding which reflected the AXA Ireland company ethos.

We achieved the maximum optical effect by integrating attractive and visually stimulating lettering combined with colour schemes which would most benefit the office dimensions.

Further innovative interior graphics consisted of brightly coloured spheres complemented by striped beams achieved with both glass frosting and primary tones.

All of these selections resulted in an invigorating demonstration of contemporary rebranding reflecting both the culture and principles of our client.

If you can imagine it, we can design and print it.