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Five Considerations Before Your Office Rebrand

Written on 07/19/2017
Darren Cox

Your Office Rebrand

The decision has been made. Your business requires a rebrand but what should you do in order to take the next step? An office rebrand is an important decision which can both modify or even fully recreate your existing identity. An agency rebrand will also influence how your company and image is perceived going forward.

With this in mind, it is important to choose the right office branding company to help you with the decision-making process and to accompany you upon this exciting venture. Here are five traits to consider before choosing the right office brand company. When deciding upon which office branding company to choose it is worth reviewing the portfolio of your potential designer and taking the time to consider in detail their previous jobs and clients.

For example, a quirky freelancer or new startup might have a reputation as being innovative artistically but will that suit your particular business requirements? Equally, if an office rebranding company has a portfolio consisting of only large multinational clients, then it might be worth reflecting upon how important your business will be to them in the first place.

Research Reputation

Before embarking upon a rebrand, it is vital to do some background research. Are you choosing your rebrand company because of a recommendation from a friend or because you have heard they are offering the best prices?
If so, these may be short-term and immediate attractions that could ultimately result in dissatisfaction and an unsuitable rebrand. This decision will ultimately cost your company in the long run.
Instead, the reputation of your rebranding company can easily be checked through viewing projects previous on their website, reading feedback from their clients and by you asking specifically for ideas relating to past comparative rebrands. A willingness to engage in constructive communication is part of any good rebranding company’s ongoing reputation.

Imagining a Rebrand

Imagination and vibrancy are often the two features which are most immediately striking in an office rebrand. However, are these traits suitable to your business and sector? A busy graphical rebrand might be visually impressive, but this does not mean that a fashionable tone and expression will represent what your company stands for.

A good rebranding company will consider more than instant appeal and instead will consolidate your company ethos and strengths within their redesign efforts. A minimalist rebrand is often just as effective as many colourful and funky designs and can be more relevant for sectors such as banking and security. A good rebranding company will have many types of projects in their portfolio and are always aware of how rebrands must be suitably considered for individual companies.


It goes without saying that budget is often the deciding factor when companies come to choose their rebranding. As a result, an ability to communicate accurate estimates and finance as well as an agreed time frame is another trait to look for when choosing an office rebrand company. A reputation for matching a client’s vision to their budget and ensuring that the end result is within their financial expectations is the hallmark of rebrand expertise.

Design for Life

Perhaps the most overlooked factor when companies come to choose an office rebrand company is the ability to future-proof the rebrand itself. A good rebrand company will consider potential business growth and the office space within their designs. Advance thinking in relation to potential later customisations can also be incorporated into both the visual expression of the rebrand and the office space itself. Such forward projection indicates due consideration to the business relationship as well as including an option to modify the rebrand as required.