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5 Instant Benefits Of Office Branding

Written on 06/16/2017
Darren Cox

Imagine for a moment that you are a potential customer or employee who is unaware of your business. If you could place yourself within the mindset of this person entering your premises for the first time, what kind of impression does your current office branding create? Are you reflecting an accurate portrayal of your company ethos, or is there a visual disconnect that creates an unintended opinion that you are unaware of?

Here is a list of 5 instant benefits of office branding and what it can bring to your workplace.

1. ‘Let There be Light’: Optimal light management is one of the most effective, yet overlooked, attributes of a work environment. Whether considering mood, atmosphere and even mindset, light diffusion through selective glass frosting give an office a sense of space and natural confidence. The correct manipulation of window and wall graphics can also directly impact and improve a workspace, especially those without access to natural light.

2. ‘Don’t be Afraid to Ask’: Include the input of staff and management when it comes to décor and branding. You are not only fostering creativity and trust, but also the potential for higher productivity and a happier work environment. Building such a bond also demonstrates your willingness to listen which can reduce staff turnover in the long run. Another innovative way to securing long-term relationships is to ask how your customers feel about your choice of branding.

3. ‘Body Talk’: Your office branding is not only about the right logo or colour scheme. A sense of comfort is one of the most important aspects to stimulate a productive and creative workplace. Whether it is an exciting wall graphic or a recognisable image-based logo, all of these choices can help contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

4. ‘A Designed History’: Some of the most innovative work environments are not just looking forward into the future but are actively participating in their locality and its past. A business situated in an area of historical renown or close to a famous landmark can utilise this opportunity for association. A carefully selected style of office branding can integrate your workplace with an already recognisable landmark and provide instant identification and trust.

5. ‘Demonstrate to Innovate’: Instead of just explaining your business to your potential clients, why not show them? Selecting a designated zone within the workplace as a graphical display area is a perfect way to showcase the strengths and innovative capabilities of your business. Wall graphics are the perfect medium for this effective form of demonstration.